Build Own Operate

A Powerwest build own operate (BOO) power station is a cost-effective solution for any location. Tailored to suit the size of your site and your environment, there are no up-front capital costs and the CAPEX of your project is reduced.

Choose a Powerwest BOO solution and you will receive a state-of-the-art, high performing power station under a supply agreement, which includes regular invoicing for a guaranteed c/kWh for power usage. Fuel efficiency is also guaranteed.

Our power stations use quality Cummins engines and our professional team will install, maintain and operate the power station. We offer 100% diesel stations, 100% natural gas stations and duel fuel power stations that integrate natural gas and diesel usage. Our power stations are housed in engine bay halls or containerised.

A BOO solution from Powerwest is the easy way to solve your power supply solutions, and it remains very cost effective for the life of your project.

Build Own Operate Transfer

A Powerwest build own operate transfer (BOOT) power station is suited to mining and resources companies that seek to partner with a power generation expert to design, install and manage their power station, but that wish to take ownership of the power station at the end of a specified contract period.

As with our build own operate (BOO) power stations, we deliver a tailored solution under an agreement. Powerwest finances the solution, however, the client pays for the asset and service provided according to a rate that covers the operating costs and the amortisation of the capital invested.

Our BOOT power solutions include 100% diesel stations, 100% natural gas stations and duel fuel power stations that integrate natural gas and diesel usage.

A BOOT solution from Powerwest not only allows you to partner with a leading industry power supply provider for your power supply, but to own a valuable power supply asset.


We have turnkey power generation solutions available for immediate purchase and installation within tight timeframes, to suit a wide range of budgets. Using quality Cummins engines, they have been designed by our innovative and experienced team for the full range of remote mine site settings.

With more than 28 years in the industry, you can rest assured your 100% diesel, 100% natural gas or duel fuel power (gas and diesel) turnkey power solution will provide you with the quality, reliability, efficiency and availability you need.


At Powerwest, we strive to meet all clients’ power generation needs, including their needs for generator rental. Our rental fleet includes a large range of Cummins manufactured diesel power generators, ranging from 20kVa to 1250kVa.

Available for long-term or short-term rental, we offer flexible terms and our expert team can advise which power generator is the best for your site’s needs. Power generator installation and maintenance is all part of our rental service.