At Powerwest, the delivery of cost effective diesel-fuelled power generation solutions is our speciality. We partner with the most remote mine sites in Australia, and we consider their lack of infrastructure – gas pipelines and grid power – as no barrier to our ability to deliver outstanding power performance.

We use Cummins engines, which are modified in-house by our specialist team to enhance operational performance. Our fit-for-purpose solutions have proven their reliability and availability time and time again, and have affirmed Powerwest diesel power generation solutions as the industry’s best value delivery option.

Natural Gas

Powerwest recognises the benefits of gas power generation to those mine sites that are located close to gas pipelines and where natural gas supply is abundant. We have the capability to harness this clean energy to deliver reliable power generation solutions to sites of all sizes.

Our natural gas solutions are generally more cost effective than traditional diesel power generation, and can help mine sites to meet their environmental targets and lead to a reduced carbon footprint. All Powerwest gas power generation solutions are tailored to suit each client’s unique site needs and objectives.

Dual Fuel

A Powerwest dual fuel power generation solution provides the ultimate in flexibility. Our duel fuel engines allow mine site managers to seamlessly switch from natural gas to diesel to suit fuel availability and markets where gas supply interruption poses a real risk to business continuity. In addition, with a duel power generation solution in place, mine site managers are better placed to negotiate more competitive rates with fuel suppliers.

Our duel fuel engines can run on 100% diesel. We recommend that maximum gas usage is capped at 70%, with a corresponding minimum usage rate for diesel at 30%, to maximise engine life.

Achieving fuel efficiency

Fuel usage accounts for a greater portion of the total cost of power generation than equipment hire or purchase. With more than 28 years experience in contract power generation supply, at Powerwest, we know how to maximise fuel efficiency for our clients.

Our dedication to research, development and innovation results in power station design that helps mining and resources companies to meet and, at times, exceed their fuel efficiency KPIs. We install the right equipment for the prevailing conditions and workload, and we know how to monitor and manage performance. Our efficiency rates aren’t just proven, they are above industry average.

We are so confident in our fuel efficiency capabilities, we guarantee the fuel efficiency of the power generation solutions we supply.

Maximising Reliability

Generator Control Systems

Continuous, reliable power generation is critical to the success of any mine site. Our capability in this area is enhanced by the installation of market-leading generator control technology systems on every Powerwest generator.

Such systems provide us with the ability to remotely monitor and manage your Powerwest power station, 24/7. For example, from our Perth headquarters, we can turn generators on and off, increase or decrease output, and more.

With our close attention and monitoring, continuous, reliable power generation is yours, guaranteed.


Powerwest has partnered with a leading radiator manufacturer to offer a range of radiators designed for engine hall or container configuration. These radiators have the capability to exceed expectations even in ambient operating conditions above 50 degrees Celsius. Their air-to-air after-cooling ability maximises engine efficiency and reduces overall maintenance costs.


Our range of high performing eliminators remove the need for engine oil filters. This not only extends engine service intervals, it takes away the need to dispose of used oil filters thereby reducing costs, the risk of site contamination and the site’s carbon footprint.